Don’t Trash That Theory
Remember the fall of 2011, when researchers at the OPERA project reported they might have caught neutrinos in the act, violating Einstein's (Special) Relativity by travelling faster than light? Read Full Article
Crystal Clear Interference
A closer look at a diffraction demonstration, showing the wave nature of light and also introducing x-ray crystallo-graphy to high school students with marginal extra effort. Read Full Article
Ottaviani & Myrick – Feynman
Writer (and nuclear engineer) Jim Ottaviani and comic artist Leland Myrick have produced a graphic novel about one of physics' most colourful characters, boldly titled Feynman. Read Full Article
Seeing is believing. If I can’t see it, I don’t believe it. I can’t see you’re physics happening, so it’s not real. Or at least, I can’t understand it. If you’ve ever thought something along these lines, read on. I’ll prove you wrong! Read Full Article
A deeply physical statement of no use to mathematicians. You’ve got to love it (unless you’re a mathematician). And so bladibla Read Full Article
Rainbows Prism Classroom rainbow with fish tank Walter Lewin Newton Principia page, 17th century myth buster fascinating phenomena leads to physics do I really understand it if I understand the physics Feynman art quote and seeing more beauty Read Full Article